Eating meat kills koalas

Australian bushland is being destroyed to make way for the animals you eat.

Client: PETA Australia

Art Manager: Olga Vetrova

Illustrator: Lia Krasnapiorava

Art Director: Ievgen Vietrov

The work has been published at: Ads of the World, Cases, Adeevee


The Price Behind Your Likes

What’s the price behind your likes? The elephants are beaten, stabbed, and even shocked until their spirits are broken. This ad has a message for social media — elephants aren’t photo props.

Client: PETA

Art Manager: Olga Vetrova

Production Studio: Feel Factory

3D, Art Director: Ilya Gureev

Visualization: Danil Kartashev

The work has been published at: Ads of the World, Cases, Adeevee, nowymarketing,,


Illustrations for educational project from mBank

Client: BBDO Warsaw

Illustrator: Alex Osipenko

The project on Behance



Someone wants you dead.

Coal as a high-polluting fuel is a major reason of smog. Illustration made for the protest company to help to accelerate solving coal-based heating problem in Warsaw.

The work was published at Ads of the World,,, sostav, cases, who's next? )

Client: Warszawa bez Smogu
Copywriter: Daniel Piecka
Illustrator: Lia Krasnapiorava
November, 2019


Who is the true monster?

SCR campaign stacked against wearing garments made of real fur.

Don’t support outdated standards, don’t be a monster. Stay fur-free.

The work was published at Ads of the World  and

Also: paredro, ninjamarketingcybermarketingitradersadicgcpubblicitageometrideskgram,

Illustrator: Dmytro Kryvonos

Client: PETA Germany

Published: May, 2019


Don’t be afraid of foreigners.

Have you ever feel this discomfort meeting foreigners and understanding nothing from what THEY SAY?

If you don't speak English, it's like trying to understand an alien.

The work was published at Ads of the World and Adeevee.

Also:, itradersdecolore.netpublicinoveshinerayad.comolybopninjamarketinggeometri

Illustrator: Lora Olimpiyuk

Client: IKNOW English School

Published: 2019


Red Bull. Get on Top 2018.

Key Visual for the coolest motorcycle hill climbing in Slovakia was made to convey competitive spirit, speed and relentless energy of Red Bull brand. 

Client: Revolta, Czech Republic
Illustrator: Vasyl Moldavchuk

Published: 2018


Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Christmas postcard reminds us who is the first star on the Milky Way.

Advertising agency: BBDO Warsaw

Art Director: Ievgen Vietrov

Illustrator: Vasyl Moldavchuk

December 2018


Bad times for bad breath

Did you hear bad news for bad breath?

Breathfresher. Peppermint breath refreshment.

The work was published at Ads of the World and Adeevee.


Illustrator:  Lora Olimpiyuk

Published: May, 2019